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January 26, 2024

January 26, 2024

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SWGR Staff

Whether you’re a Star Wars Galaxies veteran from Live, checking us out from another server, or new to the game altogether — we’re happy you found us. 

Join us in telling the greatest Star Wars story ever told: yours!


Play Now (Link)!

No discs needed at all. Just create an account, download the launcher, and install in minutes. Be sure to join the community Discord for the latest game information!

Once you create a character note that only one character creation is allowed per 24 hours even if you delete your character. You can change your name, change the look of your character, and change professions at any time in the game. 

If you’re a brand new SWG player, be sure to read our SWGR Comlink article about the New Player Experience.


Star Wars Galaxies Restoration (SWGR) has reverse engineered the game back to the Combat Upgrade (CU) game mechanics while maintaining the quality of life and content developed in the New Game Enhancements (NGE) era from 2005 until the game shut down in 2011. Think of SWGR as on an alternate timeline where the NGE patch hadn’t taken place and the Combat Upgrade continued to evolve. The SWGR project launched in 2021 and has pushed the Combat Upgrade further than ever before. 

SWGR Features


Pre-1.0 - 2021


Anti-AFK and macro dumping mechanics

1.0 - 2022 | SWGR 1.0 Trailer

Planet of Mustafar

1.1 - 2023 | SWGR 1.1 Trailer

GCW and PvP
Combat Engine
New Player Experience

1.2 - 2024 | SWGR 1.2 Trailer



A vast majority of the content from the end state of the game has been released as well as new created content. 

Theme Parks
Factional Theme Parks
Witches of Dathomir
Death Watch Bunker
Quarantine Zone
Marauder Theme Park

Corellian Corvette Instance

Foraging and Treasure Maps
Rare Loot Chests
Open World Areas and Bosses

Restoration Content

Heroics and the Restuss PvP zone are not yet released, however they are on track for 2024 releases now that the majority of Jedi content has been completed.



The beauty of the original Star Wars Galaxies Profession system is there are so many possibilities to mix and match and fit your play style.  Note that you can re-spec at any time! You’ll find that most all Professions have viability and are better balanced than ever before. 

SWG Restoration Profession Skill Calculator

Ranged (Sharpshooter)

Blast your way across the Galaxy with varied styles from quick hits to long range damage. 

Melee (Brawler)

Very hard to hit, strong players that lead the charge into battle. Relevant and necessary for difficult fights. 


More costly skill-point requirements, but come with interesting toolkits of abilities. 


Healing abilities most players dabble into for survivability. 


Prefer to create than to destroy? Become an integral part in the player-generated economy!


Are you a lover and not a fighter? Rather hang out in the galaxy’s cantinas than in musty jungles?

*Note that Ranger is not implemented but is intended to be later in 2024. 


Characters gain Combat Level by training in combat skill boxes through trainers or by other players. The main impact of Combat Level is simply the player Health pool.

In the Combat Upgrade era of Star Wars Galaxies, players want to experiment with a variety of templates. To account for this, experience gain has been boosted 5x as well as allowing an additional 25% experience gain via Rested Experience points built up by watching an Entertainer.

One of the best ways to level up your character and familiarize yourself with the game is through the Legacy quest line. This is initially offered through the New Player NPC Gendra. Gendra also offers several other quests to introduce you to the game. The Legacy quest line takes you through Tatooine, Jabba’s Theme Park, and eventually across the Galaxy and rewards significant experience as well as credits.

Alternatively, “Spin Groups” are popular if you want to cut to the chase and get your character leveled as fast as possible. Their name refers to the original game’s popular Teras Kasi Artist Spin Attack ability or players “spinning” back and forth grabbing missions. Either way, player groups form to take terminal missions and knock them out quickly for maximum experience gain.


The crux of the Combat Upgrade era combat system is Accuracy and Defense rolls. Stats, buffs, and debuffs are designed to influence hit rolls and avoidance. A major overhaul of the combat engine was undertaken in 2023 to enhance system flexibility. For more details, see the Developer Diary below.

Accuracy and the Art of Defense

Since SWG Restoration was originally launched, combat has been slowed down and is more strategic in nature. Movement, posturing, states, and debuffs now play a significant role in active combat. Group composition of varying Professions to utilize a full suite of abilities has become important in combat success. Weapon types have been speed balanced to distinguish fast action weapons like Pistols from heavy hitters like Two-Handed Swords. 



Fly to Kessel on your very own YT-1300, zip around Deep Space in your TIE Fighter, or lay down bombing runs against a Star Destroyer on your Y-Wing. 

New Space Content Comlink Article





All original Jump to Lightspeed content is available at SWG Restoration

Combine loot to create your very own unicorn part with Reverse Engineering mechanics. Sort through the best of the best loot with visual indicators of high quality parts.


Become a titan of industry in one of the all-time greatest crafting systems of any game. Hunt for the best resources, set up your own decorated shop, and advertise your wares on your way to becoming one of the richest players in the Galaxy

Crafting Wiki

Crafting in Star Wars Galaxies can be daunting at first but is beautifully complex and rewarding gameplay as you start to connect with other players and earn a reputation. 

To get started, players post their resource finds on the SWGAide.com, which now interfaces with the SWG Restoration player created SWGTracker.com. SWGTracker provides a list of all crafting schematics, the top resources required, provides the ability to notify players of new high quality spawns, and informs players of the best inactive spawns. Take a look at what resources are in spawn and go hunting for the sweet spots or check out your closest Bazaar terminal to see who is selling that one last resource you need to start your new business! Harvester rates are up +50% from Live to allow players to pull more of those server best resources!

SWG Tracker Top Spawns Page


We take the game economy very seriously and have a strict policy on multi-accounting as well as anti-AFK mechanics. Each person is permitted to have a single account, and multiple accounts through the same IP are verified via Stripe Identity. This process has reduced multi-accounts, helped stabilize the economy, and provides a more level playing field for the entire SWG Restoration community. One account grants up to four characters* with a limit of two characters logged in at any one time.

*Each account can create two characters initially. A third character can be unlocked via completion of an in game collection (Helping Ridth (3rd Character Slot Quest). The fourth character slot will become available for those who venture through the Jedi Unlock process.

SWG Restoration also has adjusted decay rates for weapons and armor to keep the player-run economy on a healthy cycle. To mitigate decay, remember to visit the Insurance terminal in your closest cloning facility to insure your equipment and reduce the decay of your items in the event that you die. Additionally, a special item called Moof Mud is now available from a shady pirate near the Smuggler Outpost on Endor that will reduce decay on your equipment by 95% during PvP!


Update saw an increase in credit payouts for all Mission Terminal missions and Legacy quest rewards in order to jump start new players and provide rebalanced credit generation through an array of in-game activities.

SWG is a largely player-driven economy, which means the market shifts with the needs and wants of your fellow players. Explore the galaxy and find those items that people are looking for:

…and much much more!

Be sure to stop by any Bazaar Terminal to research current market prices and visit the SWG Restoration Discord to see what people are looking for today!


What has always made Star Wars Galaxies great has been the Community of players supported by a unique Social System that’s integrated into the game through a variety of professions. The Social Professions not only provide customizable enhancement buffs (Buff Builder Website) to players, but also provide Rested XP that further increases your experience gains. Entertainers can also help you change the way your character looks and are often great sources of information about the game and community so, remember to toss a credit to your Entertainer. 

Social Professions

Game Events


And if you like the Community, spread the word!



SWG Restoration has a unique unlock process which takes place in multiple phases including a rework of the classic Village. Players begin their journey with their unique “Inciting Incident” which triggers an awakening in the Force. This event is assigned to each character at random and changes every 30 days.

A Mysterious Figure, who is later revealed, guides the player through a treacherous time for Force Sensitive beings. The Empire has successfully convinced a majority of the Galaxy that Force Sensitives are dangerous. Players will eventually meet other Force Sensitives along the Path at the Village and are eventually trained by the Mysterious Figure. 

In this version of Star Wars Galaxies, Jedi are intended to be rare and are actively hunted. Jedi gain Visibility using Force Skills, wearing Jedi clothing, and wielding Lightsabers. Enough Visibility leads to increasingly difficult encounters with Inquisitors, player Bounty Hunters, and even Darth Vader. There is no perma-death for dying as a Jedi, however, players will become a Force Ghost for a period of time. 

Jedi Information Resources

Jedi Theory Wiki

Dev Diary Part I - Inciting Incident

Dev Diary Part II - Life, Death, and the Jedi Ecosystem

Dev Diary Part III - Tools of the Jedi and Consequences of Using Them

Dev Diary Part IV - It's the Emperor's Galaxy and the Jedi are Just Living in it


The Empire and Rebellion are in a constant fight for limited Officer positions and control of the Galaxy. War unfolds across epic space battles, ground skirmishes, city invasions, and player bases as factions gather troops to coordinate attacks.

Officer Ranks: A Galaxy at War

Over the past year many improvements have been made to PvP mechanics to make PvP more approachable and fun for players. 

PvP Content

SWGR Battlefields

If you’re interested in learning more, both Rebels and Imperials have active factional Discords for organizing attacks and collaborating planetary control. 

GCW Wiki


Players sometimes wonder what gear they need to acquire or be prepared with to reach end game content. In general, SWGR’s vision is to lessen the equipment such that the game feels more approachable but still challenging. Below are a few select areas to pay attention to. 



Other Considerations

Gearing Guide Wiki

Is My Old Gear Still Usable?

More than likely. If you haven’t logged in in a while, there may be a few changes you’ll want to look at but not many. 


Remainder of 1.0+ releases will be to restore content of the base game while 2.0+ releases are focused on new features and content. Due to the nature of volunteer work, timing is difficult to predict, however the following Features are in varying stages of development. 

SWGR Project Roadmap


2024 will be an exciting year for the SWGR project as the largest custom content implementation released on the server to date is finally complete with this Jedi update. 


Community-led volunteer staff.

Meet the Team

Have some skills you think could help? Apply to the team.

Get Involved

SWG Restoration is a non-profit organization and donations go toward costs of running the server and associated tools for developing content and running the community. 

You can donate or view our expenses on our OpenCollective page: 

SWGR Open Collective

May the Force be with You

-SWG Restoration Staff