Jedi - Part 3 - The Tools of the Jedi and The Consequences of Using Them

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August 6, 2023

August 6, 2023

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This is Part 3 of our Jedi Developer Diaries (see: Part 1: The Inciting Incident & FaQ and Part 2: Life, Death, and the Jedi Ecosystem). In this diary, we’re talking about how Jedi will attain and use the tools they need, as well as the consequences thereof.

Jedi Fashion

One key change we’re making right off the bat is that Jedi will wear both Robes and Cloaks. Each providing a specific purpose as described below. We’re working with our art team to modify the assets to work together, and to ensure all species can equip them.


A Jedi’s robes are a symbol of their rank. Outside of the Jedi Padawan and Jedi Knight robes, which are attained from their respective trials, Robes will be attained through the Force Ranking System (FRS) and can only be worn while maintaining the respective rank. Robes contain stats related to the Force (e.g., Max Force Power, or Force Power Regeneration). Other features of robes include that they do not decay and they can be recolored by Force Ghosts using a consumable mechanic (excluding the Jedi Padawan Robe). The following Robes will be available as part of our core design:


Cloaks are where style and choice come into play, allowing for more customization of both the stats your Jedi has and the appearance of your character. Cloaks can be attained through game content and will come in a variety of appearances, including the original cloaks from the game, as well as additional designs we plan to introduce in the future. Like Robes, Cloaks can also be customized by Force Ghosts, including both recoloring, but also by adding stats (e.g., exotic skill mods) through socket(s). The following Cloaks are part of the initial Jedi Release:

Tools of the Jedi


Lightsabers will be attained (via schematic) through both advancement in the Lightsabers Skill Tree and through game content. In the future, we plan to introduce a system for unique customization of the lightsaber hilt, but for initial release, we’ll be including the default designs:

Power Crystals

Power Crystals are used to augment the damage and performance of your lightsaber. There are two primary types of Power Crystals: Power Crystals, which are looted from common mobs in the game, and Krayt Dragon Pearls, which are looted from Krayt Dragons. Looted power crystals will tune to a highest rating of premium. Power crystals that tune “perfect” (with the highest possible stat values) will only be attainable from the world boss system that will be introduced in the future. Existing “flawless” or “perfect” crystals in the world will only tune to the high premium range.

Color Crystals

Standard Color Crystals can be attained by looting them. Any regular color crystal can be inserted into a lightsaber. “Specialty” Color Crystals, also referred to as “Named” Color Crystals (i.e., color crystals that have a specific name, like “Bane’s Heart”), will only be attainable on Ilum, the instanced Jedi Crystal Cave, through a series of quests and challenging boss fights. We plan to introduce more lightsaber colors through the Specialty Color Crystal system. And sorry for those wondering, but the dark saber, nor a black color, will be making an appearance in-game. However, with the help of Force Ghosts, the Specialty Color Crystals can have custom stats attuned to them as they grow, but they also risk being sabotaged or stolen by other Jedi. And you can plan to see the inclusion of DoT and elemental effects from Color Cyrstals in the future as this larger combat mechanic is reintroduced.


Before Heroics are released, the only Jewelry available for Jedi are attained through Treasure Maps. There may be an adjustment to the stats on these items in the future prior to the full release of Jedi. When Heroics are released, there will be multiple sets of Heroic Jewelry just for Jedi.


The Belt of Master Bodo Baas, attained through the Holocron Collections, will give a 2-piece set bonus buff when worn with a Jedi Robe. We also recently announced completing this collection will influence your chance for an Inciting Incident, so be sure to complete it!

Another type of Holocron will soon be introduced to the game world that can be attained to restore your force power or reduce your visibility. Speaking of, now that we’ve talked about the tools, let’s get into the consequences of using them: Visibility.


Visibility is generated when you do things as a Jedi. It can be effectively thought of as the amount of attention you’ve attracted to yourself, or like Grand Theft Auto’s “5-star wanted” system. When you reach certain thresholds of visibility, you’ll engage and alert the world around you, creating more danger for yourself and others. Visibility follows you through both ground and space, and will put a target on the back of not just you, but anyone around you as well if you aren’t careful.

Earning Visibility

You will earn visibility points in the following ways:

Two caveats to note:

Yes, players can create visibility for you. However, they have to choose to create that visibility. The way this works is as follows: All players will get a new command (“Report a Jedi”). When a player observes another player using a Jedi Ability, they will have 60 seconds from the observation to target that player and use the command. They can optionally pay a premium fee to increase the visibility. The Report a Jedi command will have a cooldown to prevent spam generation of visibility, but the Jedi can still be reported by multiple players at once.

*Points generated by NPCs will be affected by three new variables (and thus have a multiplier effect) that will be automatically added to all AI controlling their attitudes and behavior towards Jedi. These attitudes are based on a scale of sympathy versus anger towards Jedi, as well as personality traits affecting whether they take action. The result is a variety of behaviors that will be attached to all humanoid NPCs, including Commoners, that can mean they do things like: warn a Jedi that they are attracting attention to themselves, report a Jedi for approaching them and help the authorities track them, help a Jedi hide nearby to reduce their visibility, and more. Players will also be able to change NPCs attitudes over time based on the behavior the NPCs observe. This concept is largely based on the Theory of Planned Behavior from Social Psychology and can be visualized as follows:

Visibility Consequences

Visibility is made to slow you down and consider every move you make in a galaxy that has been scarred by the history of the Jedi (or made to believe they have been). As such, you can expect the following implications of raising your visibility threshold (but note that you won’t actually know what your visibility value is, you will only be able to pay attention to the threats that arise as a result).

And yes, we mention here, the Inquisitorius. You can expect them to play a major role in dampening down any Jedi in the galaxy, regardless of their factional loyalty. We’re excited to share more on the evolution of our Jedi storyline and how their creative positioning has developed in the near future.

Reducing Visibility

And finally, we arrive at getting rid of visibility after you’ve earned it. Here’s how you can achieve that:

This concludes Part 3. We can’t wait to share more with you soon in Part 4: A World Awoken: The Jedi Storyline. Be on the lookout for more teasers and features soon as we’re full steam ahead in releasing Jedi.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team