Player City Spotlight: Black Sun Ravine

January 18, 2024

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Nuri (Comm Senator)

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Nuri (Comm Senator)

January 18, 2024

Restoration Player City Spotlight: Black Sun Ravine

Welcome to the Restoration Player City Spotlight where our Community Programs Senator Nuri sits down to talk with the mayor of one of our awesome player cities giving you, our dear readers, the opportunity to learn more about one of the server's great player cities.

In this episode we shine the spotlight on Black Sun Ravine, Tatooine.  Black Sun Ravine is located in the North Central part of Tatooine nestled in some of the coolest-looking terrain in the game.  Today we sit down with Ralna to learn more about one of Tatooine's oldest player cities.

To start out, tell us about the history of your city, including the founding and any other interesting stories.

Black Sun Ravine (BSR) is located in Mushroom Mesa, which is a cluster of mesas located near the city of Mos Espa on the planet Tatooine. BSR is based in a wide valley enclosed by the tall cliffs of Ben's Mesa, named after the podracer who lost his life in an old race. The remains of the circuit can still be seen from BSR's shuttle, running through the city and into the lower crater and then heading out towards Jag Crag Gorge. The Hutt clan held the infamous Boonta Eve Classic every year, gaining recognition as the toughest race of the podracer calendar and claiming many racers until the Empire moved in.

How old is Black Sun Ravine?

Black Sun Ravine was founded by a group of adventures looking for a new place to call home, more than 500 days back, on the 16th May 2022. We are proud to say that nearly all the original 15 members that formed BSR on that day are still playing and living within our wonderful city.

Why did you choose this location?

We scouted a couple of locations across the Galaxy, as we wanted something different, and wow did we find different. When we first spotted the Mushrooms towering nearly as high as the cliff tops, we fell in love with the location, and now mixed in with the Tatooine housing they look even better. If I'm honest, their footprints are a right pain for city planning.

What city specialization did you choose and why?

City specialization was an easy call, as all the founding members are crafters, so going Research Centre was the only choice. 

Have you hosted any events in your city?  If so, tell us about them.

We have hosted a couple of server events in Black Sun Ravine since its founding: we hosted 2 of the fantastic STAR cantina crawls, a RUST records visit, and my favourite, the Beskaar Maiden Mando event, which was great fun. As a guild we host several events within our fine city, the most famous being the Cannonball Run, where we pair people up, send them around the galaxy seeking answers to very cryptic clues before having them arrive at the finishing location to collect their reward.

Tell us about some of the unique locations in Black Sun Ravine.

1 - Our city mall, at the foot of the hill, is home to not only some of the finest vendors in the galaxy, but it's also our museum, displaying some of the rarest items in the known galaxy, and decorated to the highest standard - some have said it’s 2nd only to Bestine's recent Museum overhaul.

2 - If you stand with our shuttle behind you, and gaze across the city, some say you can hear the screams of the old podracers - personally I think they are from the Black Sun mercenaries that can be seen walking around the city from time to time.

3 - Black Sun Ravine sits in one of the many valleys and tunnels created by Tatooine's long-gone waterways. At the far end of the city you can see what would have been a waterfall to rival the great Virdugo Plunge waterfall in Naboo's capital city of Theed.

4 - Twin Sun Square, is a magical location in the valley where both Tatooine's suns pass over, a favourite location to meditate and home to one of our crafters, who does his finest work while basking in the suns’ warmth

Anything else you want to share about your city that didn't fit in above.  Any interesting trivia? Any famous people live in your city? 

Not sure about famous, but Black Sun Ravine is home to former senator Ralna and two current 4th term senators, Civic and Killaprawn. BSR is also home to two infamous PVPers, who think nothing of killing anyone, and spend most evenings running around the city getting chased by bounty hunters but always coming out on top. Obviously I can't name them, but donations are always welcome, and if you PVP, I'm sure you have already met them.

The Technical Details:

City Name: Black Sun Ravine

Planet: Tatooine

Waypoint Info: /wp Tatooine 996 5476

Faction Affiliation: Neutral

Guild Affiliation: The Riot Formation (RIOT)

Mayor: Ralna

Contact: Ralna (Discord: helbrass)

May the Force be with You

SWG Restoration Staff