PvP Battlefields and Operation: Token Monsoon

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SWGR Staff

December 7, 2023

December 7, 2023

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SWGR Staff

"Now, witness the power of this fully operational battle station"

Last week, SWG Restoration players have been fighting across Endor and Yavin IV competing for prizes and determining who the ultimate Battlefield victors are. Battlefields are a great way to start dipping your toes into PvP as the team numbers are even and players can practice with very little consequence due to decay reduction options introduced this year. We've seen many new players join in on the fun and are excited to share the results of the competition!

The Numbers Are In!

Congratulations to the Victors!

Must Be Commando (Highest DPS):

Rozay won a full set of BF Armor for doing over 4.3 million total damage, and having the highest individual and average damage per Battlefield

Bacta Tank (Top Healer):

Fezix Ixiii won a full set of BF Armor for healing over 3.9 million total damage, and having the highest individual healing in a Battlefield

Banth Fodder (Most Deaths):

Tyrson won a Rickshaw (for the carry) for dying the most consistently in all of their Battlefields (5.75 deaths per BF average). Honorable mention to Atum for dying 65 total times!

Here for the Tokies (Most Captures):

yUme won 25 of each Battlefield token for capturing 23 objectives

Livin' Their Best Life (Best Anti-Meta Build):

Banth won a full set of Battlefield armor for their CL68 Fencer Squad Leader build (SL x2xx/MFencer/CM 4xxx/Mando 4xxx)

PvP Padawan (Rising Star):

TTrident won a Battlefield weapon of their choice for scrubbing their way near the top of the charts after only playing for less than 3 months!


Kovac won 75 of each Battlefield token and the Jango Fett Statuette (the final Jetpack piece before available to anyone else) for delivering the most consistent top performance across all of the Battlefields they participated in, across all metrics.

Our top 10 players by those measures (accounting for multiple characters played) were:

  1. Kovac
  2. Rozay
  3. Krooks
  4. Gerould Gorraine
  5. Remis Darkshed
  6. Kazhar Dyre
  7. tiger
  8. Rainbow Six
  9. Khardacca
  10. Telrain Cosmar

About Battlefields

Maps & Objectives

Massassi Isle (Yavin IV)

Each faction has three bases in this map. Two smaller bases and one main base. Enemy teams assault and destroy enemy bases.

The smaller bases are forward in the map, flanking your main base in the rear which should be defended at all costs. This map creates lots of opportunities for sneaky captures if you aren't mindful of where all the enemy players are.

Jungle Warfare (Yavin IV)

Here in the middle of Yavin IV each faction has two small bases that may be captured. In the very center, however, there is a neutral main base that can be captured multiple times and change control.

There are lots of great open areas for good fair fights in this battlefield, where you can use the terrain to duck in and out of cover. Be sure to capture the two enemy bases before the end, as your opponents will be doing the same. After that, fight for the center.

Bunker Assault (Endor)

There is a singular base in at the top of the hill in this map. Capture the terminal inside to gain points for your team. An all out war to determine who the king of the hill truly is.

Forget the tactics, this is just brutal warfare in one messy building. Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them: some of the walls in this bunker can be shot through, watch out for veterans taking advantage of this!

Data Runner (Endor)

A secret data case given to random player. That player is given a waypoint to go deliver the secret data to one of the communication towers. If the data case holder dies, the case is then given to another random player.

This "capture the flag" battlefield heavily favors ranged players, but there are just enough interesting terrain features that a Melee can still hide and surprise the enemy. Forget the Line of Sight and focus on positioning in this highly strategic zone.

Best Practices for Queue


Battlefield Discord

The SWG Restoration Community has created a separate PvP Discord server to help coordinate Battlefields. To join in, reach out to community members or search the SWG Restoration Discord for "PVP/Battlefield Discord" for a link.


See your respective factional Battlefield token vendor for various rewards:

On the vendors, you will find unique weapons with PvP-focused stats, a unique factional set of armor, as well as some special items you can't find anywhere else:

*The second of four pieces will be available with 1.2 in late January 2024. Each piece will he replaced with another Jetpack piece after approximately 3 months.

Decoration Items
Special Weapon Skins
RIC-920 Rickshaw
Galactic Marine Armor
Rebel Specforce Armor

May the Force be with You

-SWG Restoration Staff