Master the Void: Unleash Your Inner Pilot with New Space Content

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June 1, 2023

June 1, 2023

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“It's the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs...”

Jump to Lightspeed has recently kicked into overdrive. Pilots of the Galaxy can now enjoy meaningful boosts to Duty Tokens as well as custom Group Convoy and new Duty Mission content. Grab your hydrospanners and let's open up the hood!

Duty Token Boosts

Duty Tokens are finally getting their day in the suns. One of the most up-voted Player Voices has now been implemented ( and Players will reap more benefit by completing Duty Missions. Tier III+ missions were the focus and have received the most meaningful buffs to base Duty Token payout.

"Rewards from Duty Missions were certainly a pain point that needed to be addressed. Players should now see a 300-400% increase in Duty Tokens while flagged up. We also wanted to significantly boost the higher tier missions to encourage players to take on that extra risk. Completing Duty Missions should feel more like an integral part of a player's Reverse Engineering project journey as opposed to just sitting at static spawns."

Everyone's favorite Sullustan is here to help find what you're looking for

Revamped the duty completion token bonus:

• Tier 1 - 150

• Tier 2 - 200

• Tier 3 - 300

• Tier 4 - 450

• Tier 5 - 700

• Tier 6/HT - 1200

• Tier 7 Ace Slayer - 1400

• ‍Adjusted the duty mission overt bonus from 50% to 100%


Duty Tokens are primarily utilized to trade with Kash Nunes at Ord Mantell Station. Kash has space components of all types and levels that can be bartered for. The benefit of working with Kash Nunes is if a player wants a specific part at a specific level for their Reverse Engineering project, they can make that choice, thus reducing a couple layers of randomness to loot drops.

Group Convoys

Blast your way through a serious fleet of ships with a brand new mechanic in Group Convoys. Based on the original Piracy content (, the amount of ships, as well as rewarded loot have been tuned up to give pilot crews an all new challenge.

"One of the pillars of design for the Combat Upgrade era is group content. Our hope is that this adds a new layer of social interaction with some added incentives to launch together as a squadron. Have fun now pulling in a full out armada of ships with your Interdiction Burst Generator – including a few ships not normally seen in convoys..."


• Enemy ship numbers now scale with group size and new high tier ships spawn when running convoys as a group.

• After successful completion of a Convoy, every group member in the area will now receive a Loot Crate

• Players will receive one crate per account and players in Gunships yield half of a standard Loot Crate

• Convoy timers are now 10 minutes individually and 15 minutes for groups with an additional +30 seconds at each convoy level

• Completion of a Convoy early now gives a small chance to receive 1 item from the Nym's Starmap quest and those chances scale with how fast the convoy is completed (not available if in a Gunship)

The fleet has been pulled out of hyperspace... You may fire when ready

Ever wonder how to get convoy plans? When you loot a Droid Interface, you can scan it using a Droid Interface Scanner bought from Watto in Mos Espa. If you happen to discover a convoy plan from its memory bank, take the plans as well as an Interdiction Burst Generator (also purchased from Watto) into space. Load the plans to find out which sector to go to and use the Interdiction Burst Generator to pull the convoy from hyperspace.

Ace Missions

Ever want to fly against Luke and Wedge, or maybe even Nym and Lando? Here's your chance. Maybe try spinning?

"My favorite part of the update was adding the Tier 7 Ace Pilot duties, which adds a whole new level of complexity and excitement to Duty Missions. There's a real sense of thrill going head to head against a famous character in the Star Wars universe."


Added to SWG Restoration:

• Factional Tier 4 duty mission in Deep Space (Dathomir Station)

• Factional Tier 7 Ace Pilot mission (Rebel from Dantooine, Imperial from Dathomir, Neutral from Endor)

• Ace Slayer Collection - Title, Badge, and 10,000 duty tokens (

Locked on target...

These uber high-end mission updates to the Jump to Lightspeed should provide not only a lucrative and rewarding experience via the token boost, but also exciting new high-end content to challenge players. There's never been a better time to hop in your ship and hit launch.

And remember - “Traveling through hyperspace ain’t like dusting crops, farm boy..."


Space Senator

"It's an exciting time for Space! Multiple space updates starting with the Droid Slayer fix the other week and now with Duty Mission buffs and Group Convoy content. I foresee a great boost in new Pilots and this makes me happy! Already I have seen many dirt-siders take to space to Ace up for the upcoming changes. I have even heard excited talk among the badge collectors in anticipation of the three new Ace Pilot Slayer Collections. For someone who mainly lives in the drift of space I can't wait to have all these new Spacers to play with.

Looking forward to the influx of new looted space parts from new Pilots and the Group Convoys. Since everyone gets a loot box now, hopefully I can finish some of my Reverse Engineering projects I have been working on for the past two years. I see a lot of future Space PvP and cannot wait! All in all I'm grateful the Devs are listening and giving Space some love."

May the Force be with You

SWG Restoration Staff