Mustafar Series: the Queen of Mustafar

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October 10, 2023

October 10, 2023

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The lair of the Queen of Mustafar has recently been uncovered at the end of the Tulrus Nesting Grounds. A special antidote to protect you from the lethal environment of the lair can only be applied via the Omniglobular Syringe. Beware as this ghastly arachnid has an learned a few new tricks...

"Finally... The Sher Kar is here. And, listen, it would have been pretty anticlimactic if we released it after all this time without making some improvements to what was overall a pretty minor and forgettable instance in the live game. So we rewrote the entire script and created some brand new mechanics to make this into a challenging and rewarding fight with a few unique twists. It will test your communication and your loyalty... The Sher Kar is as beautiful as she is terrifying. And hungry."

-ornj, Developer

"While the Sher Kar instance is relatively short and people might remember the encounter in other versions of the game, they'll be in for a whole new experience this time! Resto has it's own unique take on the fight and people better be prepared to adapt quickly or they will end up becoming Sher Kar's next meal!"

-Killaprawn, Outdoors Senator

The Sher Kar


Terrifying Sher Kar creatures have been seen roaming the grounds of mustafar. Very little is actually known about these scorpion-like lava beasts, as they are erratic and unpredictable, yet... also singular in an unsettling way. They seem to have some sort of hive mind that drives them to do things for the greater benefit of their species, their planet, and... their queen.

One of these creatures you may have heard about roaming the Burning Plains. The legendary Malfosa has been torturing miners on the planet for ages. Great hunters from across the galaxy have come to try to slay this beast. But as horrific as it sounds —there is another even larger beast. 

In the deepest underbelly of the Tulrus Nesting Grounds lies a cave no one has been able to enter until now. Known infamously as the Queen of Mustafar, she has built her lair in this location for the plentiful Tulruses to feed her insatiable hunger. It is even rumored she breeds and consumes her young to gain power.

the Queen awaits...


At the very Northern end of the Tulrus Nesting Grounds cavern is a cave that was previously blocked. As with the original implementation, at least one person in your party must be keyed for access by having the Omniglobular Syringe. Note this item is tradeable and access is permanently granted. 

Malfosa, the wandering Sher Kar


"ornj has turned a boring boss fight with nothing to think about into an exciting, challenging instance with a few surprises!"

Banth, New Player Senator

The Queen's prey...

The Queen of Mustafar is surrounded by her servants. When you first enter the instance you will need to eliminate her guards, until you are faced with the queen herself. Defeat the Sher Kar, and you win the instance. Simple, right?

Once you begin your attack, her first surprise is that little Karlings will spawn during the fight. These Karlings are not simple adds in a boss fight. They don't seem to be interested in you, and even if you fight them they won't fight back. They exist for the sole purpose of feeding their mother, their queen. If the karlings reach their queen, she will feast on their willing self sacrifice and get stronger, and regain some health.

But... there's something more. Something sinister and tragic going on. Something we will let you find out for yourself. As you defeat these Karlings, your will to fight will slowly be sapped. You wonder why you are in this fight at all. The queen is majestic, she is beautiful, and... maybe these Karlings are onto something...

You will need to balance this burden between your team, rather than just allowing one or two players to keep the Karlings at bay, even if it means letting a few Karlings slip through. If you don't, you may all be her feast.

Sher Kar is going to require teamwork and a plan. Groups that don't communicate and coordinate well are going to struggle. People will not be able to just brute force it and that's great.  There's a great creepy factor to the whole thing...
-Nuri, Community Programs Senator

Mustafar Trial Tokens


One frustration players have voiced via the Senate is that the pure RNG nature of rare drops can cause burnout for some, when they are just looking for one particular warmly glowing item. We are introducing a new system into the game specifically for those that enjoy the challenging Mustafar content and would like to feel a continued sense of progress.

SWG Restoration is exploring this concept and has introduced “Mustafar Trial Tokens” to reward players for completing instances together. When players have saved up enough of these tokens can be traded in at the Mustafar Content Vendor for some of the rare drops such as a warmly glowing metallic eye. Now this is not intended to be an easy feat to save tokens but at least players know there is a path to get what they desire. You can earn up to 10 tokens per week by completing instances:

Raktaki is ready to trade your tokens


And while we’re at it — we added a few new goodies as well. 

Now on the Mustafar Content Vendor:

Read the patch notes here:

May the Force be with You

SWG Restoration Staff