Jedi Series: Phase I Procuring Proclivity

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April 24, 2023

April 24, 2023

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“You’ve taken your first step into a larger world…”

After the Great Jedi Purge, Jedi were rare. And without Jedi actively seeking out Force Sensitives, individuals discovering the Force were even more scarce. For those fortunate enough to recognize their connection with the Force, exploring their ability was an obscure and treacherous path. 

In SWG Restoration, the Jedi journey maintains this lore. As such, not all characters will become attuned with the Force. For those fortuitous enough to experience an Inciting Incident, their adventure will be just as extraordinary and mysterious as it is difficult and dangerous. Phase I marks the beginning of the quest for Jedi – are you brave enough to take the next step?

Universal Requirements

Force Sensitives must be worldly and fully experience the Star Wars Galaxies Universe. Your expedition to becoming a Jedi will be personalized, but may include Theme Parks, Collections, Boss Fights, Badges, and Quest Content. Points are allocated to content completion and need to meet a specific threshold in order to advance. In addition, players must master Advanced and Secondary professions as well as visit Ancient Altars to listen for secrets of the past. 

Learning to Meditate

Force Sensitives must also learn to foster their connection with the Force via the Meditative Holocron Collection. For centuries Jedi have meditated to quiet their mind and enable the Force to flow through them. Holocrons are rare, but may be found on Nightsisters, Force Sensitives, Spider Clan, Dark Jedi, Brotherhood, and Singing Mountain Clan members across the Galaxy.

Inciting Incident

This is a Jedi hopeful's defining moment. Reflecting on Star Wars lore, discovering a connection with the Force can be as mundane as a conversation with a friend or as incredible as escaping death. There are 43 possible activities that must be done with specific time, place, and situational conditions assigned to your character. These uniquely-assigned character criteria are dynamic and reset on a monthly basis.

The Inciting Incident system was created to address the challenge of balancing the immersion of the original Star Wars timeline with the desire to incorporate Jedi as a significant aspect of the game. In the timeline of the game, there weren't any Jedi around searching out younglings, and anyone knowledgeable enough to recognize it in you early on was being silenced by the Empire. Our solution was to develop a system that aligns with the lore, while also allowing us to regulate how frequently players can access Jedi.

We don't view Jedi as an entitlement that any player can achieve, to ensure that it maintains its unique and significant place in the game. We have seen that the system has been successful in making the Force experience on Restoration unique and thrilling, and we're very excited about what's coming next in the Jedi unlock process.

A new insight on inciting: We've previously shared that faction plays a role in unlock, but many have questioned how that works if you aren't a declared faction. We thought of that! In that case, the game aligns you with whatever faction you are in better standing with (or randomly, if you're truly neutral). How this plays into your story is for you to find out. Does the heart of an underdog beat within your chest, or does the thrill of power and dominion fuel your spirit?

-ornj (Developer)

Community Stories

We’ve asked players to write stories for their characters who have experienced an Inciting Incident. The Restoration Community answered back with all sorts of fascinating folklore. Below are a selection of roleplay tales about how their characters first developed a connection with the Force...   


Community Member Story: Quest

“…She was weak, oblivious to my presence and …injured! The wound looked stubborn and infected. I'll end her miserable life quickly; through power, I gain victory. 

But it was then I felt an odd stillness overcome me. I could feel her pain…

I found myself seated in zazen, looking deep within myself and chanting words that had no meaning to me, but held power beyond my understanding. My eyes opened, her wound glowing before me, my hands reached out and covered the wound. It was as if it were never there. 

There is no passion, there is serenity.”

Community Member Story: Mrbseven - “Shootan Furst”

"What the krong was that!?" snarled our Squad Leader. Amazing how yellow eyes can glare so intensely, even in low light. 

“Sorry, Chief...Um...Not sure what happened. All of the sudden I just had this tingly feeling...And accidently pulled the trigger." 

His eyes narrowed and grew even more intense.  "A tingly feeling? You almost blew my brains out the front of my skull because you had a 'tingly feeling'?"  With disgust he turned away, shaking his head.

But it was still there. Something different. Warm...glowing.“

Community Member Story: Shadowreaper

“Strangely, I met someone whom I felt familiar with but had never met. They told me they had foreseen me in a dream riding into battle on their swoop -and just as my first attack was about to land- a Super Battle Droid from old times had appeared. I explained to him it was impossible as I have no swoop and only use my beast.

The stranger gave me his swoop and asked only that one day I ride it into battle with a droid when I entered an unknown bunker of thugs.

I traveled, flew, and shuttled the galaxy following my legacy until that day finally came. I rode into battle, jumped off my swoop, and called my droid. Suddenly both visions came to pass.

And I am now Mending Mindfulness..”

Community Member Story: Mr Ripcord

“...I’m driving along minding my own business and I see this group of like ten people all sampling at the same spot about 200 meters outside the Mining Outpost on Dantooine. Now I'm like “What the heck are they doin? Wonder what they’re sampling?” All I know is it must be good.

So I stop and get off my speeder, grab my survey device, and start going through the list one after the other. One of the group looks up and says "Copper's good here" and I said "No kidding! Curiosity got the best of me" 

Y'see I just had to figure it out… And all of a sudden I get this weird glowie feeling, and it ain't from the radiation…”

Community Member Story: Aestan

“As a mercenary and salvager, I’m hunting treasure for a living. Day after day, doing all the same daily routine collecting scrap iron for a handful of credits. I knew I could get some extra cash by joining the Imperial Special Forces. It was that same day when foraging the dirt of Lok I got shot in the back -hunted down by a Rebel Soldier. 

I felt darkness surrounding me, but there was something else. A light. An inner glow. A voice in my head was talking to me. “A Jedi is like a stream and the Force is the sea. To become one with the Force is to join that sea. Let your energy join the greater pool of the Force and you’ll be enlightened” 

This is when I became one with the dirt of Lok – and one with the Force.”

May The Force Be With You,

The SWG Restoration Team