The Resol’nare | The Beskaar Maiden’s Complete Guide to Mandalorian Culture

May 15, 2023

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The Beskaar Maiden

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The Beskaar Maiden

May 15, 2023

Ba’jur, beskar’gam,
Ara’nov, aliit,
Mando’a bal Mand’alor-
Ke’vencuyani mhi, an.


Instill your knowledge in the Galaxy around you, more importantly the children you raise. As Mando’ade we are required to raise our children as such, but to limit the idea of our education to just our children is foolhardy. Educate those around you, the aruetiise don’t need to know the intricacies of our culture that protect us, but they may still come to understand. We cannot discount the galaxy around us, there are lessons to be learned daily from it and the people who inhabit it. We must not limit ourselves to the ways of war.

In supporting our people and our families, we cannot solely rely on the power of our armaments but our minds. Trade is as powerful a lesson, in performing a trade we are always utilizing our greatest resource to support ourselves, our aliit and providing Mando’ade a service. Some of the greatest verd in our history were even greater tradesmen.

Take the time to learn your surroundings, the cultures you work with and the people you fight alongside and against. Knowing your friends and enemies is an unspoken conquest that will provide you a far superior protection.

Know your body and train it continually, when you lose connection to your sense of self, you have lost your ability to retain knowledge.

Never fool yourself into believe you know all there is, that education is no longer important. Education is the toughest of the tenets to uphold, it makes ceaseless demands.


Too often it is believed that our armour is our strength. We come from many biological backgrounds but our beskar’gam unites us in appearance to be recognized by others of our culture and distinct from aruetiise. To wear our buc’ye is literally to remember the faces of our fathers; the t-visor representing the brow arch of the Taung. What is often forgotten about beskar’gam is that it also symbolizes who we are individually. Each set of beskar’gam is tailored to the verd who wears it.

When Mando’ade wear a common face, we have to find ways to honour our aliit and express the views of the individual beneath the armor. Mando’ade express this individuality in the colours and make of their beskar’gam. Many of the colours commonly used are done so to express traits that personify the verd or represent personal goals.

It is not written that we must always wear our armor, but it must be kept up and preparation for battle at a moments notice.

It is our buc’ye’s that are remembered beyond the life of the face beneath them.


We are to defend ourselves and our culture to endure for future generations. This is not just an idea of picking up weapons and trudging into war. It is a reminded on how we must carry ourselves in daily life. Beskar’gam will only protect our bodies, it is up to us to strengthen our hearts, minds and souls in order to fully realize the nature of defense. If you give an enemy nothing, they have nothing to use against you.

In defense of our aliit, we must always be ready to take up arms for their cause. As Mando’ade, we are one people and we must protect the interests of our culture rather than lower ourselves to petulant infighting that spills the blood of our brothers and sisters.

In defense of aliit, we must stand with them. It is only by the side of our aliit that we will draw a truly unified strength. We train with our aliit, we learn from them, it is with them that we will fight at our peak.

In defense of ourselves, we must make our flesh as touch as our beskar’gam. Our faces as unreadable as the buc’ye we wear to show aruetiise. We must be the living standard of our culture.

Our defense lies in honouring our way of life. Through protecting the triumvirate of Ara’nov, we also protect what it means to be Mandalorian.


Aliit is more than a clan, it is more than a family and far surpasses bloodline. It is through our aliit that our culture survives. With every conquest and journey, we come across those that were born for this lifeway but outside of it. Sometimes, they are but babes. Sometimes, they are warriors defeated by our hands. Sometimes, they are the slaves of our enemies. Through adoption and childbirth, we are able to train the future generations, not just in the Resol’nare, but the philosophy of our aliit.

Like a family, an aliit carries its own history and habits. The ideas and lessons learned through shared experiences, aliit folklore and the cultural ties that we all bring together, enriching our foundations.

There are the Mando’ade, vode an, but the aliit are who guide us and live beside us. In rare times, the defense of the aliit comes before the defense of Mando’ade.


The Mandalorian language, spoken by all Mando’ade. When spoken, it is understood that we speak only amongst each other. In hiding the language from aruetiise, we ensure our culture remains with us. To understand the language and its importance is to truly be Mandalorian.


He is the embodiment of te Sol’yc Mand’alor and the protector of our culture and lifeway. It is the Mand’alor who calls us to arms in defense or conquest. A leader who has proven they have the prowess and strength to lead us and be the father of us all. As Mandalorians, we are Mando’ade, the sons and daughters of Mand’alor.