Player City Spotlight: Tortuga

January 18, 2024

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Nuri (Comm Senator)

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Nuri (Comm Senator)

January 18, 2024

Restoration Player City Spotlight: Tortuga

Welcome to the Restoration Player City Spotlight where our Community Programs Senator Nuri sits down to talk with the mayor of one of our awesome player cities giving you, our dear readers, the opportunity to learn more about one of the server's great player cities.

In this episode we shine the spotlight on Tortuga, Dantooine. Tortuga sits on the western coast of Dantooine just a thermal detonator's throw from one of Dantooine's unique Dantari Villages. Today we sit down with Ralna to learn more about one of Dantooine's most active player cities.

Tell us of the history of your city, including the founding and any other interesting stories.

Tortuga is situated on the west coast of Dantooine with picture-perfect, amazing views across to the mountains and the great lake. The Imperial outpost is only 3km east from Tortuga and the great Dantari Rock Village is on our door step. Tortuga was founded on 24th March 2023, and has grown to over 75 residents. Tortuga is home to adventurers, pirates, and mercenaries all living together. Some say while Tortuga appears to be generally a lawless place, it is one of the only true places a traveller can consider to be free, despite the presence of the Empire and Rebel Alliance.

How old is Tortuga?

Tortuga is only a little over 200 days old, but in her brief time, she has seen massive growth and has become popular with travelers wanting to improve their skills or simply wanting to visit the surrounding scenery.

Why did you choose this location?

The location was one of my homes back on Live on EU-Chimaera. I had checked a few other locations and at the time this one was vacant, and allowed for plenty of growth due to the terrain, and with its waterfront views, it makes our city message even more true "I'll tell you, traveler, if every town in the galaxy were like this one, no traveler would ever feel unwanted."

What city specialization did you choose and why?

The city specialization changed a few times in the early days, as we met the needs of the residents. It was finally set to Research Centre as more and more crafters moved in.

Have you hosted any events in your city? If so, tell us about them.

We have hosted a RUST Records tour night in our own 'Get Lucky' cantina, which was packed with only standing room at the back left. Over the last couple of months we have started running Sunday night spins, which have become very popular with the server. We set groups to maximise the XP by mixing the groups, which has helped to make the spin nights very popular. The last spin night, we had 6 full groups spinning out of Tortuga.

Tell us about some of the unique locations in Tortuga.

1 - The 'heart' of Tortuga is our cantina, 'Get Lucky'. This has just had a massive decoration project completed by a couple of our guild members, and has got the thumbs up from the regulars and the passing visitors.

2 - Tortuga must have one of the highest city counts for Mustafar Bunkers, they are all over the place, with Jedi temples running them a close second.

3 - Ocean views, it's all about the views, no beaches just glorious views that at night just go to the next level as the sun sets and casts a simmering glow across the whole city

Anything else you want to share about your city that didn't fit in above. Any interesting trivia? Any famous people live in your city? 

The Dantari Rock Village right next to Tortuga, is a great place for any budding Creature Handlers. Not only can they get to grips with fighting with their chosen pet, but they can gain some nice loot along the way. Tortuga is a great place to call home and is welcoming to anyone regardless of guild or faction.

The Technical Details:

City Name: Tortuga

Planet: Dantooine

Waypoint Info: /wp Dantooine -7324 -1188

Faction Affiliation: Neutral

Guild Affiliation: None

Mayor: Sorrow

Contact: Ralna

May the Force be with You

SWG Restoration Staff