Player City Spotlight: Mos Pelgo

April 7, 2024

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Nuri (Comm Senator)

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Nuri (Comm Senator)

April 7, 2024

Restoration Player City Spotlight: Mos Pelgo

Welcome to the Restoration Player City Spotlight where our Community Programs Senator Nuri sits down to talk with the mayor of one of our awesome player cities giving you, our dear readers, the opportunity to learn more about one of the server's great player cities.

In this episode we shine the spotlight on Mos Pelgo, Tatooine.  Mos Pelgo is located just north of Jabba's Palace in the western plains of Tatooine.  Today we sit down with SoloWest to learn more about one of Tatooine's most famous player cities.

Tell us a bit about the history of Mos Pelgo.

Mos Pelgo has quite a rich history which I love sharing. The city has actually moved a couple of times since it was founded in late 2021. Originally we had a little setup near the Jedi Shrine just east of Mos Eisley. At that time there were many great cities - some that still exist two years later like Chimera, Krayt Canyon, Mos Bos, and Millenium. Others have changed names like Star City, or Avalon. And others yet that have returned to dust like Old Jamaica, Sand Andreas, or Volcano Bay.

What city specialization did you choose and why?

Mos Pelgo has always been a Research City.  I was always super interested in the crafting aspect of SWG and my dream was to have a city where any crafters and all vendors were welcome with no guild affiliation. This never fully panned out, but I still think about giving it a go again. Anyway, we moved to a new location based on convenience right behind the Bestine Starport and named it the Mos Pelgo Trading Post since the Mandalorian show had popularized the town. Starting a city can be tough, and trying to grow is tricky. I was thankful that early adopters of the open mall concept like Ralna and A Lowly Weaponsmith stocked up vendors for this experiment. We basically had 4 mini malls each with different categories of products. Shortly after we had Sembian, Rakaz, and Feng who hopped on board and added more vendors.

Why did you choose this location?

Once Sembian was aboard, he had an Entertainer in Mos Eisley that would just recruit citizens all day long. It wasn’t too long before we had a shuttle and were gaining some momentum. Unfortunately, if you look at the original pictures (top one), our location wasn’t really set up for expansion with hills and holes everywhere. We were set up in a cool valley but had to do a bunch of awkward positioning to try to fit. By that time we had Frost in the town, and he really pushed for finding a better spot.

The group voted, and although I didn’t really want to relocate the city because it was a lot of work, I was out voted. There were a few spots on Tatooine we looked at but ultimately decided upon the Valley of the Wind just North of Jabba’s. In the end, we fell in love with the high cliffs and Palace backdrop in the Valley of the Wind. And now it feels like home.

Once we started building the city we basically had to demolish an old city remnant that was there from the server launch. At the same time the city more or less rebranded the guild that had formed into an underworld theme fitting with Jabba’s Palace. Tempest was the name we went with as a nod to the original SWG server and the name of our valley. Then <SHADE> was in reference to being in the shadow of Jabba’s Palace.

Tell us about some of the unique locations in Mos Pelgo.

My favorite part of the city is its Main Street. Although Mos Pelgo doesn’t really fit with Canon at all, we still try to maintain a Western-style Main Street and Daesha has even helped us set up shootouts in town. Imagine a “pre-war” Mos Pelgo if you will. Our other pride and joy is the Shadow Market. Sembian spent weeks and tens of millions of credits decorating. Unfortunately there are so many objects, it’s tough on the processor but if you turn off your HUD it’s a work of art.

Any famous people live in your city? 

Not in particular, but you know Jabba being in the area is enough of a celebrity for us. We've done a couple guild events at the Palace and they're always a hit. We also had a pet Krayt for quite some time and have been known to be occupied with Jawa infestation quite often.

Anything else you want to share about your city that didn't fit in above.

Just wanted to say thank you to the people of Mos Pelgo and SWG Restoration in general over the past couple years. The community has had a positive impact on my life, made many good friends, and getting to know everyone has been an amazing experience.

The Technical Details:

City Name: Mos Pelgo

Planet: Tatooine

Waypoint Info: /wp Tatooine -6636 -4772

Faction Affiliation: Neutral

Guild Affiliation: Tempest Trading Company (SHADE)

Mayor: Edison SoloWest

Contact: SoloWest

May the Force be with You

SWG Restoration Staff