Meet the 4th Galactic Senate!

September 1, 2023

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September 1, 2023

"In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you are under arrest, Chancellor..."

The Galactic Senate program continues to be a cornerstone of the SWG Restoration project as we welcome our 4th Galactic Senators. These individuals are elected by the Community in-game and are the voice representing their respective aspects of the game. This program is a continuation of the original Star Wars Galaxies Senate with the following responsibilities:

  1. Helping the Development Team prioritize items within the larger roadmap framework
  2. Representing the interests of their constituencies by acting as a collective voice in advocating for prioritization, features, or changes with the Development Team
  3. Acting as a sounding board for the Development Team by participating in advance briefings to provide feedback on new concepts or planned changes

Read more about the Galactic Senate here!

Elected 4th Galactic Senate

Hundreds of players gathered at the Mos Eisley theater to congratulate the Senators in. The event was standing room only despite all of the additional chairs that were recently added! 

Let's learn more about our newly elected Senators! But first - here's a special quote from our beloved Lead Developer!

I am the Senate

Thank you!

Artisan Senator: Philmor

Favorite all time SWG memory?

Hands down it was the message that came across on the Intrepid server when Monika unlocked Jedi back on live. It's probably been 20 years and I still have clear memories of crowds gathered around in Theed watching her duel.

Initial impressions about the Senate?

The Senate is a lot more open communication than what I was originally led to believe. There is a lot of back and forth between the Senators and Development team to improve the game for everyone. Although we have constraints as far as priorities and the roadmap, there is plenty of opportunity to bring up community concerns whether they originate from a Player Voice, Discord, or just internal Senate discussion. We are in such a great place with Restoration staff right now that I think we have a lot to look forward to.

Force Sensitive Senator: Black-Krrsantan

Tell us about your characters right now, Why did you join the Senate?

Well I have 3 characters, 2 of which I pvp regularly on and 1 that is about to be geared and will probably play him in pvp as well. Black-krrsantan is my FS toon and the idea of becoming a fearsome Wookie jedi inspired me to pursue the jedi path. I joined the Senate because I have been on R3 for over 2 years and have done nearly every aspect of the game and I hope to bring an experienced mindset along with perhaps fresh ideas to the table to ensure Jedi and FS alike are as amazing and interesting as they deserve to be.

One thing you’d like to accomplish or improve?      

Well as FS/Jedi senator currently I'm in a tricky position as basically nothing FS or jedi is in yet so there isn't a whole lot to improve on so currently I want to try my best to help streamline the process for the Devs to get a good, solid version of FS/jedi implemented into the game for players to enjoy while also helping test any and all jedi/FS content and tweaks to make sure its as fluid and well flushed out as possible for everyone.

Community Programs Senator: Nurian

Favorite all time SWG memory?

Meeting my now RL wife in game.  Right before the NGE launched, my wife was trying to finish Jedi so she could secure the extra character slot.  She was on a time crunch and needed a quick trip back from the Village.  I was the only other person around, and she asked me to kill her so she could take the "Cloner Express" back.  I laughed, told her that was sooo wrong, but went ahead and killed her.  We ran into each other over the next few months and things progressed from there.  We've been happily married and gaming together ever since.

Tell us about your characters right now

My three characters are Nurian Avari, Tiktak Ankileous, and Stygia Darksun.  Nurian is a Human Doctor/Pistoleer and my main combat character.  Tiktak is a Rodian Armorsmith/Weaponsmith/Merchant and the Mayor of Black Sands.  Stygia is a Zabrak Bounty Hunter/Carbineer.  Their main goal is to support Black Sands and make sure it remains a safe place to both live and visit.

GCW Senator: Versatti

Initial impressions about the senate?

It’s been an interesting week or so since joining the senate and I’m surprised at how well (so far) the senators have been gelling together.

One thing you’d like to accomplish or improve?

Right now I want the GCW to be fun for everyone so I’d really like to push for improvements in the GCW zone control space. There are lots of ways this could be achieved and hopefully this is something the team will get behind. The GCW, to me at least, is critical to SWG and ensuring it is fun and dynamic will go a long way to keeping this projects’ cogs turning.

Hybrid Senator: Shintufelper (Shintu)

Any projects you've been working on?

Outside my senatorial duties, I've been collaborating with a guild mate to bring routes for collections by planet. My guild has run a few planetary collection events, and they were fun times trekking across the planet and seeing all the details put into the world, so I wanted to help bring this experience to the wider community.

Initial impressions about the Senate?

I joined the senate to continue discussing and forming ideas, and I have not been disappointed. We have long and detailed discussions about different PVs and bugs, involving multiple senators, to figure out what the best solution is for the community to bring to the devs. I can only hope the senate continues to be active as it has been these first few weeks.

Medic Senator: Civic

Favourite SWG memory

Back on live I was a Rebel (Valcyn server) in a massive guide called RAGE. The Rebels dominated the PvP scene and it got pretty stale so I switched sides and started an Imperial guild called EIA (Elite Imperial Assassins) and we turned the tides. The moment was so rememberable when we did our first battle at Restuss and tore right through the Rebs. They had the numbers but we had the talent.

Initial impressions of the Senate

I think the senate has more involvement with the Devs than I anticipated , which actually is exciting and makes the role much more interesting to be a part of. There is definitely a time commitment away from the game, however I am willing to make that sacrifice to help Restoration, as are the other senators. I think we have an interesting term ahead of us.

I joined the senate because I would like to help make the Medic classes much more fun and help define the healer role which is missing from Restoration. Healer is not really fun, and it isn't particularly required and that can hopefully be changed.

Melee Senator: Azkul

Favorite SWG memory

My favorite all time SWG memory was seeing the system message come across my screen that Lord Vader had detected a disturbance in the force and to be on the lookout for anyone using unique abilities. It was such a cool moment to know that someone had unlocked Jedi back when it wasn't very well known on how to achieve it.

What brought you to Restoration?

What brought me back to the game and Restoration was the nostalgia of the game from 20 years ago and all of the great memories and friends I made. I was not interested in playing the Pre-CU or NGE version of SWG prior when I had heard about other emulators. Once I decided to give Restoration a try I was hooked all over again.

New Player Envoy: Banth

What brought you to Restoration?

I loved the freedom & combat system of the combat upgrade and I enjoyed the content that the NGE brought, so the blend between the two was the perfect balance for me to be intrigued by the project. The community is why I've stuck around.

One thing you’d like to accomplish or improve?

I think that player retention is incredibly important but also very hard to achieve in a deep and complicated version of a 20 year old game. It can be overwhelming for a new or returning player to find their feet, so I would like to help to streamline their experience to make it less daunting.

Outdoors Senator: Killaprawn

What brought you to Restoration and what's your passion in game?

What brought me to Restoration above all of the other SWG servers that are around, was that Restoration offers what I consider a great blend of versions of SWG. I always thought that the CU was the best version of SWG and that the NGE brought some really fun content in, this server combines both of those worlds which hugely appealed to me!

My passion in game has always been the "Outdoors", Creature Handler especially is something that is so unique in this game and I've enjoyed it in every version of SWG over the many years playing.

Initial impressions about the Senate?

My initial impression of the senate has been very positive, there has been a lot of constructive discussion taking place and it's great to be involved with other very passionate players who want to see positive changes brought to the game. I love that this game has a system in place where the players can have that voice and advocate for future changes that benefit the server as a whole.

PvP Senator: Telrain

What’s your passion in game?

My passion is helping grow and support the PvP community of the game. PvP has always beeen my passion in this game and in MMOs in general. The PvP system on Resto is some of the most fun I've had across my many years of gaming. I hope that the community around it can grow with every update and that we see more and more fun and competitive PvP systems be introduced into the game.

One thing you’d like to accomplish or improve?

One thing I would really like to improve is the barrier for new players wanting to delve into PvP. Right now, PvP can be ruthless and unforgiving and difficult for newer less experienced players to learn. I want to help push for systems and ways that new players coming to Resto can see the excitement of PvP and go, "Hey I want in on that!" while not feeling discouraged or disuaded from participating.

Ranged Senator: Kreeve

What’s your passion in game?

My passion in game is PvP. I love the open-world PvP that SWG facilitates, as opposed to the largely instance-based PvP that more modern MMOs tend to offer. PvE just can't compare to fighting other players, in my opinion!

What brought you to Restoration?

I started playing on Restoration as the CU was by far my favourite era of Live SWG, so this is my ideal version of SWG due to the combination of:

• The CU profession system.

• CU-like combat.

• A Jedi system which should ensure they stay rare, powerful, and have consequences for their actions.

• NGE content and additions

Social Senator: Ludd

Favorite all time SWG memory?

The first time I ran the Hoth instance. I don't know that an MMO will ever have the same hold over me that the Hoth instance did - I was obsessed from the moment I loaded into it.

Initial impressions about the Senate?

Our group seems very eager to discuss and collaborate, I'm optimistic that we're going to get a lot done together.

Space Senator: Skeptaria

What brought you to Restoration?

I came to restoration because I believe that SWGR offers the best parts of the original SWG universe and updates all rolled into one. I find that the attitude on the server is positive and there are always players around that are more than happy to help new and returning players (new to the game, or restoration) to find their feet, and feel welcomed.

Any projects you’ve been working on?

I’ve been working on trying to put together an idea for a space PVE/PVP event that I am hoping will do wonders to bring new people into space that do a lot of their content on the ground, I am hoping it will also bring together the factions in space in order to do a combined action against... something. Which I am hoping will turn into a PVP event afterwards for those that wish to be involved in PvP/GCW.

May the Force be with You

-SWG Restoration Staff